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ABOUT Captain tony

Your instructor is Tony Hancock.

Tony has been sailing for many years. After learning how to sail with The Canadian Yachting Association in Vancouver in the 80’s and 90’s he has since sailed more than 50,000 sea miles.

After leaving Vancouver on his own boat in 2008 he sailed the west coast of California and Mexico,

visiting Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Once through the canal it was off to the Caribbean then across the Atlantic to Portugal then into the Mediterranean. 

While living on board in Malta for two years, Tony started teaching sailing courses and thus began his passion to share his enthusiasm and experience to new dreamers!

Leaving Malta it was time to head back across the Atlantic to the Caribbean where he started teaching week-long live-aboard courses and private charters. 

Captain Tony moved to Nova Scotia in 2014 and is now spreading the passion on his well-equipped 2006 Beneteau 423!


  • Sail Canada Instructor 

  • Transport Canada Limited Master

  • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

  • American Sailing Association Instructor

  • ROC Maritime

  • STCW 95

Sail Canada Instructor, Learn to Sail Halifax, Admiral Sailing Academy, Sailing Courses

Learn to sail



3 Hours

This course is intended to provide novice boaters the opportunity to experience the joys of boating. The session(s) may also be used for the purpose of building crew teamwork skills on water.


per person


Minimum 3 Hours

For those wishing to develop general

or specific sailing skills in a private, focussed setting. 


per hour


12-15 Hours

This course is the recommended starting point for individuals with minimal practical on water experience. This entry level course builds basic sailing skills with a focus on operation of the vessel as crew.


per person


27-30 Hours

This course develops the student’s ability to take command of and operate (with assistance of competent crew) an auxiliary powered sailing vessel, by day, in light to moderate conditions. 

PCOC included.


per person



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